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About Keratex

The Early Days.

Originated and based in the UK, Keratex is a family-run business which began with the creation of the flagship product, Keratex Hoof Hardener, in 1990.

Dr. John Irving, MBE, PhD, C Eng, Fraes founded the business based on his idea for the Hoof Hardener in Wiltshire, UK. He patented the product, and Dr. Irving was at the helm of the Keratex global business and UK operations until he passed away in 2011. The Keratex range of products has expanded over the years and continues to earn its number one market position as new geographic regions and support organizations are added around the globe.

The Keratex product range grows and develops by working through common and evolving problems and issues related to horses' hooves and finding solutions using experience, science and technical knowledge.

Keratex products are vet, farrier and horse enthusiast endorsed, and have been utilized by numerous Olympic teams over the past couple of decades.

Keratex Today.

Since its inception in the 90s. Keratex has become a household name and brand leader in equine hoofcare. Keratex is one of the leading global brands in the hoof care industry today with a reputation for innovative, hi-tech, revolutionary products and formulas.

Beyond the products, Keratex prides itself with a customer focused, geographic specific dedicated global support organization offering custom tailored expertise on the wide variety of environmental conditions, types and styles of riding, breeds, and rider preferences around the world.